Photocell Controller

Hubbell Building Automations DLCPCC is the ideal system for providing indoor, outdoor, or skylight control of lighting circuits based on natural daylight. The DLCPCC lighting controller automatically switches a dry contact in response to changes in natural daylight. The DLCPCC provides a maintained single pole, double throw Form C relay output to drive electrically held contactors or relays, or inputs to Building Automation Systems. The low voltage controller requires a remotely mounted photoconductive (PC) sensor (sold separately). The DLCPCC continuously compares the remote sensors signal against the LOW and HIGH light level set points. When the sensor detects decreasing light levels that corresponds with the LOW set point, the lights are switched ON. Conversely, as light levels increase and the sensors signal matches the HIGH set point, the lights are switched OFF. The LOW and HIGH set points are separated by a deadband. This prevents the DLCPCC from switching light levels between set points, thus eliminating nuisance or intermittent changes. For quick and easy initial setup and calibration of the DLCPCC, the DLCSIMM photocell calibrator can be used (voltmeter required).


  • Adjustable on/off set points
  • Dual power unit input: 24 VAC or 24 VDC
  • Flexible control options
  • Input time delay
  • Two set points available for separate on and off levels
  • 2-year warranty

Ordering Information

  • DLCPCC - Photocell Controller