LightHawk Passive Infrared Wall Switch Sensor featuring IntelliDAPT

LHIRS sensors use passive infrared (PIR) technology for unequaled occupancy detection and false trip immunity, providing improved accuracy. These sensors feature Hubbell Building Automations patented IntelliDAPT technology, which makes all the sensor adjustment decisions automatically. Throughout the products lifespan, smart software analyzes the controlled area and makes digital adjustments to sensitivity and timer settings. Occupancy sensors with IntelliDAPT provide a maintenance-free Install and Forget operation. With selectable operating modesautomatic ON/OFF or manual ON/automatic OFFand a built-in photosensor for automatic daylight harvesting, LHIRS sensors are the best choice in todays market place.


  • All-digital passive infrared (PIR) sensor
  • IntelliDAPT self-adaptive technology no manual adjustment required
  • Auto-on and manual-on operating modes (depending on model)
  • 1,000 square-foot, 180 coverage area
  • Built-in photocell with SuperSaver mode
  • RhinoTuff lens
  • Dual 120/277 VAC operation
  • No minimum load requirement
  • Zero Arc Point Switching
  • ETL, UL, and cUL listed
  • 5-year warranty

Ordering Information

  • LHIRS1* - Passive Infrared Wall Switch Sensor with IntelliDAPT and Automatic/Manual Control, 120/277VAC
  • LHIRS0* - Passive Infrared Wall Switch Sensor with IntelliDAPT and Automatic Only Control, 120/277VAC
  • - * = W White, I Ivory, A Light Almond, G Gray, B Black