Zone5 Control Module

The HBA Zone5 Daylight Harvesting System features specialized controls tailored to the specifi c and demanding needs of daylight harvesting applications. The HBA Zone5 Control Module (ZCM) is the central controller of the system. It accurately analyzes and interprets signals from Zone5 plug and play components, including occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and low voltage switches, to control both General and A/V lighting. The ZCM supports up to 4 zones of lighting that can be individually programmed for either daylight switching, stepped dimming or continuous dimming. A fifth zone for standard ON/OFF control of whiteboard lighting is also supported. The Zone5 Control Module features an intuitive menu driven LCD user interface to program system settings, view system/device status, and perform system diagnostics and testing. The ZCM also features an SD card interface that can be used to save system settings and copy them to another controller thus cutting down on the time required to commission multiple systems. Each contractor friendly Zone5 input device is equipped with a color coded plug and play connectors which snaps into the corresponding color-code port on the Zone5 Control Module.


  • Supports up to 4 zones of lighting control
  • Daylight switching, stepped dimmimg or continuous dimming- per zone
  • Controls both General and A/V lighting
  • Whiteboard lighting control
  • Intuitive menu driven LCD user interface
  • Seamless integration with Zone5 sensors and lighting control switches
  • SD card interface for saving and loading system settings
  • Event logging
  • Contractor friendly, color coded plug and play installation
  • UL and cUL listed
  • Five-year warranty

Ordering Information

  • Z5-CM - Zone5 Control Module